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“How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A High Ticket Consulting Business”
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"My Consulting Business Helped Me To Fulfill My Childhood Dream Of Traveling Across The Globe.."
From The Desktop Of: Jeff Baxter
Location: Dallas, Tx

One of the coolest things about consulting is the freedom that it has given me. I've had the privilege to fulfill my child-hood dream of becoming a digital nomad and traveling across the globe.

Something that I learned from one of my early mentors, is to create a business that fits around your desired lifestyle. I knew that if I were to start some type of "brick and mortar" company, I would be tied to one location which is why I went with consulting..

Whether I'm in the states or somewhere in a different country, I can still close sales and what makes it even better, is that I don't have to meet clients face to face.

I perfected "sales systems" so that clients are automatically enrolled into my programs without needing to meet physically.

Pretty cool huh?

I'm no smarter than you, heck, most of you reading this are probably A LOT more educated than I am as I only have a high school education. I did a little bit of college but it just wasn't for me.

If you're a college grad or have some major credentials, just imagine what you could do IF you understood the theory of high ticket consulting.

The sky is the limit!

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"My Consulting Business Allowed Me To Roam The Country Of Mexico For Two Years Straight.."
Not only has consulting allowed me to travel all across the globe, but one of the coolest things that I got a chance to do, was move abroad and live in Mexico for two years straight.

While living there, I had a chance to roam the country and visit all kinds of places that blew my mind! 

I say all of that to say this.

I didn't have to get permission from anybody to go.

I didn't have to ask my boss if I could take some time off.

I didn't have to "save up".

I've always been able to run my consulting business virtually and when I made the move, I just kept doing business as usual.

Do you have a desire to own a business that can be ran from anywhere in the world?

Doesn't it make a lot more sense to enjoy life to fullest NOW instead of following "conventional wisdom" and waiting until "retirement"?

If you have a solution to people's problems, shouldn't you be providing that solution and getting compensated for it as a consultant?

If you've answered "yes" to either of those questions keep reading...

New Case Study: Ron Started Closing High End Consulting Contracts In Less Than 3 Weeks Of Getting My Help!
Meet Ron.

When Ron came to me, he was struggling to scale his personal training business.

He flew down to Dallas and we had a chance to meetup to go over his goals.

When I took a look under the hood of his business, within 5 minutes I knew what the problem was!

He didn't have a system and he wasn't charging his worth.

The way that I was able to scale my consulting business to over 7 figures was by having a "predictable system" in place and by increasing my prices.

I mean if you're really good at something and you have a solution to other people's problems, shouldn't you charge your worth?

Look at the guy's arms compared to my noodles, I would happy to shell out a few grand to learn his secrets ;)

Nevertheless, we made some changes to his business and within 3 weeks of our meeting he had called me to let me know that he had closed his first consulting client at his NEW price at more than $10k.

He was elated and so was I.

Ron is just one of many students that have used my techniques to massively scale their business.

Do you want to experience rapid growth with your consulting, coaching or service business?

Are you a beginner with nothing to sell, but want to GET STARTED on the right foot?

If so, keep reading!

"Listen To What The Infamous Jacqueline T.Hill Had To Say About Her Experience With My Help.."
"New Mini Course Teaches You The 5 Core Principles To Launching A Successful High Ticket Consulting Business In No Time.."
With consulting being a billion dollar per year industry, it's no question as to why people are turning to it as a career choice.

But the sad part is that most consultants don't even make enough to make ends meet.

Over 10 years ago I decided that I would pursue consulting as a full-time career and have been fortunate enough to generate over 7 figures in my own business.

Simply put, I know what works and what doesn't.

I understand to an exact science exactly how to get clients in multiple niches of all sizes and price-points.

Want to sell a $5,000 product?

Not an issue, I've done it.

Want to sell a $20,000 consulting service?

That's a walk in the park.

It all boils down to systems and math.

Once you have a system in place, turning cold leads into PREMIUM consulting clients isn't difficult at all.

Perfecting your system is the hard part, but FORTUNATELY, I've just released a course where I pull back the curtain to my own perfected sales funnel for you to copy step by step!

This means that the guesswork is completely gone and you can go from being an absolute beginner to enrolling high ticket clients of ($2k,5k or $10k + each) at lighting speed.
"My Perfected System Could Save You Years Of Wasted Effort and Help You To Start Getting High Ticket Consulting Clients In No Time!"

Let's face it, a solid mentor who's been where you're trying to go is worth their weight in Gold.

A mentor can save you lots of time by showing you EXACTLY what you need to be doing in order to reach your goals quickly.

Trying to figure out the steps to creating a profitable consulting business can be hard and extremely costly if done incorrectly.

Why not get it done right the first time?

Why not save a few gray hairs by following a PROVEN system that has worked for me time and time again?

The clients are out there.

The consulting business is BOOMING!

It's just a matter of knowing HOW to get the clients to do business with you.

Can you imagine getting just 10 clients per month to hand you a minimum of $2,000 each?

Wouldn't that change your life?

Doesn't that sound like a business model that's worth pursuing?

In The Consulting Master Academy Mini Course You'll Learn Things Such As ....
How to find your niche and make sure that it's extremely profitable. Get this step wrong and you'll fail! I'm going to show you how to get laser targeted with your niche selection to ensure that you get the highest returns possible (total value: $450)
The exact step-by-step sales process that we use to turn cold leads into premium paying clients in as little 24-48 hours flat. With this method you can kiss "content marketing" goodbye forever!  (total value: $700)
Paid Traffic Secrets. The FASTEST way to scale a business is by learning how to turn $1 into $2 with paid traffic. You'll get a chance to see right over my shoulder as I create a profitable advertising campaign from scratch! (Total Value: $1700)
Once you're getting clients, the next step is to SCALE. I'm going to be sharing one of my closely guarded scaling techniques with you that only a handful of entrepreneurs know about

If implemented correctly, you can scale any business as fast as you want! (Total Value: $965)
Bonus: Free 1 Hour Consulting Workshop Replay Showing You How To Start and Grow A Consulting Business Even If You're A Complete Beginner and Attract Clients That Will Pay You $2k To $10k Each! (total value: $997)
Total Value: $4,812
Today, For The Next 24 Hours You Can Join The Consulting Master Academy MINI COURSE For Just A One Time Payment Of Only $1000 ...... $9.95
"Wayne Scaled His Consulting Business To 100k Per Month After Working With Me..."
"How Exactly Does This Work?"
Great question!

Step 1: You'll place your order on this page. Remember, it's just a ONE TIME flat fee of $9.95

Step 2: Afterwards, you'll be able to register to watch the training IMMEDIATELY inside of the member's area. Everything is 100% online.

Step 3: You follow the training step-by-step and be on your way to closing high ticket consulting clients in NO TIME!

"How Do I Know If This Is For Me?"
Simply put, this is for...

1.) Aspiring Entrepreneurs Looking To Start A Coaching Or Consulting Business ...

2.) Entrepreneurs That's Doing "Ok"  Selling Their Own Products Or Services Online But Want To Level Up...

3.) Entrepreneurs That's Doing "Fairly Well" But Want To Increase Their Knowledge To New Concepts and Ideas To Grow Their Business Even More...
"Is There A Catch? Yes!"
I completely understand that being able to get the exact blueprint that I implemented to create a 7 figure consulting business for only $9.95 might seem a tad bit sketchy?

I mean shouldn't it be a lot more?

Is there a catch?

Yes, there is indeed a catch!

My goal is to impress you so much in the course that you might consider becoming an actual student to some of my "higher level" training.

Offering this affordable course gives me a chance to build up some rapport with you and hopefully get you to invest more with my company in the near future.

That is my goal.

That is my agenda.

It's a "win win".

You get the blueprint you need to do consulting at a higher level and make a full-time business out of it.

I get a brand new client that's possibly going to spend more with my company!
"My Ironclad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee"
Although I'm confident that you're going to be blown away by the training, I'm going to make this a no brainer!

If you're not 100% satisfied with the course and don't get anything out of it, just send us an email within 30 days and we'll refund every single penny!

How does that sound?

So what are you waiting for, join now before the price goes up!

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